At Serendipity Needles, LLC, it is always our goal to
provide you with a high quality product and excellent customer service,
while maintaining a community oriented outlook

“What made you go into the knitting needle business?” is a question that is often asked of my family.  Supply and demand – that’s how it all began.  Unable to find a pair of wooden needles in the right size, my parents collaborated to make what would turn out to be the very first pair of Serendipity needles.

Eunice and George went to their local yarn shop with their newly made knitting needles in hand.  Now here’s where the “Serendipity” comes into play…  The shop owner, after hearing the story of the origin of Eunice’s eye-catching needles, asked if she could buy a few pair to sell in her shop.  Sure, they said, with no way of knowing that their response was to be the start of a new business.  For that few pair of needles was followed by a dozen, and then another dozen…  Within a few months, Serendipity Needles was on its way to becoming a full time endeavor.  My parents recruited us to help with their new venture.  We remember laughing at the time… “You’re doing what? Knitting needles?  Sure, we’ll help. “  We pooled our skills – All of us have crafting in our blood, and our various career backgrounds, which range from sales to engineering to business management, have all played a role in the successful development of our company.

As the business grew, we had to find ways to meet the demands of increased sales.  One of the most rewarding aspects of this whole endeavor has been the development of our relationships with several small New England businesses.  The longest of these is with the sheltered workshops here in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts, which was brought about by our need for assistance with the sanding and finishing of our needles. These workshops, which provide care, education and work opportunities for physically and mentally challenged adults, have been crucial for the growth of Serendipity Needles.  The relationship is rewarding for both parties.  We have trained the clients with our sanding and finishing process, and they have been able to turn out a wonderful product.  In return, the pride that they feel in knowing that their work is being sent to shops around the world is a great reward for them.  For more information on each of the sheltered workshops you can click on their names below.

We also work with a wonderful group of women employed at Pieceworks, Inc in Liberty Maine.  They help with various production tasks and have been a great company to work with.  For more information on Pieceworks, Inc, you can click the link below.

As I write this in July 2012, we have just entered our ninth year in business, and I proudly believe that we have remained true to our original company goals – to produce a high quality product, provide excellent customer service, and maintain a community oriented outlook.

Imagine if Eunice had found the needles she needed back in 2004…

Claire Savastano 

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