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We are pleased to now offer our products for retail sale on our website.  As you browse through the many finial choices available, please note that all of our finials are available on Hair Sticks as well as needles.  Also, please keep in mind that our retail locations may have additional finials not available for sale on the website, so be sure to visit your local yarn shop often!

Serendipity Needles are crafted from Northern White Birch, a slow-growing wood which yields a strong, resilient needle. The warm, silky feel of our needles is achieved through our unique eight step hand finishing process. Offered in US sizes 7 – 17 in 6”, 8”, 10” and 14” lengths, Serendipity Needles accommodate all types of knitting styles. The shorter lengths travel well and are ideal for knitting scarves and other small projects.

Serendipity Needles’ handcrafted polymer clay finials are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing each knitter to express their personality not only in their knitting, but in their knitting tools as well.



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